Taking Another Lap

A happy development: looks like I’m going the long way around the planet again. A new writing gig (to be described when the time comes) means that I’m actually getting paid to go places I want to see. Pretty neat.

The details aren’t all worked out, but this one should involve between 12 and 15 countries, including lots of places I’ve wanted to see for years. (And yes, many of them I first learned about during the frenetic cramming-for-Jeopardy! period of my life described in Prisoner of Trebekistan.) I’m hoping to touch base with some friends I met last time around, too.

As always, I’ll share with the rest of the class — pics, stories, etc. — as time allows.

If this is your first visit, I hope you’ll pop back in sometimes when you get a sec. Thanks for visiting.

PS — the first time around, I stumbled across some guy giving Free Hugs in an outdoor shopping mall in Sydney. So I figured what the heck, gave him a good one, and moved on. Had no idea I was being filmed. The video came out about a year later, and sure enough, I can be spotted lumbering through at the 1:12 mark.

Hope the planet is just as benevolent this time, too.