Three MILLION dollars!

Dr Evil

The Friends of Bob Harris Kiva team just completed lending its third million dollars.

Not taking credit here. I have little to do with any of this. I didn’t create the team, three other folks manage it, and the 1000+ members do virtually all of the lending. I pop in periodically, say things like “hurray!” and “you guys rule!” and not a lot more. I’ve just been writing a book, and this weird thing happened, and my best guess as to why is still only my best guess as to why.

What I do want to point out: the incredible generosity of people if given a damn chance. Hundreds of total strangers have come together this way, just as they have on hundreds of other Kiva teams, because their idea of fun is to help thousands of other total strangers.

If there’s anything the book has to say, it’s that if the situations were reversed, the recipients of that generosity would be just as kind.