Who Hates Whom to be published in Japan

Just found out.  I had no idea anyone in Japan even knew the book existed.  Neat.

First time I’ve had something like this happen.  I don’t have to translate or anything — the Tokyo publisher is doing all that stuff.

Still, nihongo wo renshu suru hitsuyou ga arimasu.  (I need to practice my Japanese.)  Arigato!

California Supreme Court on Prop 8

So the state Supreme Court has come to its decision, to wit:

Gay marriage is like a 1920s spitball — illegal unless you did it before the rules changed.

Idiotic we even have to have this discussion.

As the joke goes, gay people should have every right to feel as miserable, trapped, and full of recrimination and grief as straight people.

Btw, one of the most successful spitball pitchers of the 1920s was named Urban Shocker.

Make up your own punchlines.

Getting the old band back together

Sometimes weirdness completely outpaces all expectation.

Sample ImageTurns out tonight was the taping of GSN’s first Game Show Awards. Suddenly Ken Jennings and Ed Toutant — whom you’ve previously glimpsed here when the three of us played an Jeopardy!-style exhibition match, and here when the three of us were 3/4 of Team USA in the European Quizzing Championships — were both in town.

Next thing you know, we’re all sitting in the Wilshire Theater surrounded by Charo, Meat Loaf, Bob Barker, Cloris Leachman, Monty Hall, and dozens of other people I grew up watching on TV.

If you’d asked me on Wednesday, I’d have told you I had no plans at all this weekend. Now I’ve got Rip Taylor’s confetti in my pockets.

Rip Taylor’s actual confetti, people.

I can’t give away any details, but it’s one of the more delirious TV productions I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Ken, Ed, Paul Bailey of the Game Show Congress, and some kind GSN PR people for interacting in ways that led to me finding myself in a ringside seat.

Twitter is so Early 2009 — Have You Tried Phoneme?

Why, it takes nearly an entire minute to write a single coherent thought.

Who has that kind of time?

That’s why I’m now using Phoneme to keep all my friends up to date.

Phoneme allows me to send a single grunt, moan, or schwa sound to hundreds of followers all over the world, instantly. In turn, they can gasp, tongue-click, or glottal-stop their followers, and so on.

It’s great, and a real timesaver.

Or, as I just "phonemed" my followers: Ð!