Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the Fish Pedicure

Had a long layover in the Singapore airport on my way to Cambodia to do some interviews for the book. What to do? Why, visit the Fish Spa, of course, where you can allow hundreds of ravenous doctor fish to feast on your dead skin cells while you watch and try not to freak out.

I've only had one human-hands pedicure to compare this to, but this was every bit as efficient.  And way, way ookier.

And I thought a 5-hour layover was bad

Trapped in Washington Dullest International Airport waiting for a flight to Dubai. But I can’t complain.

The guy next to me was going Los Angeles to Dullest to Doha to Peshawar. This takes something like 30 hours but must feel like two weeks.

Someday I’d love to visit Peshawar and visit the Khyber Pass.  But for now the idea of getting blown up by the Taliban makes this somewhat unappealing. The city is currently still reasonably visitable, though. Maybe someday.

Hope my new friend doesn’t watch too many in-flight movies. How much Jennifer Aniston can one man take before breaking?