The National History Bee

Co-hosting the History Channel’s “National History Bee”

Don't miss the History Channel's first annual National History Bee this Friday.

The National History Bee

The kids were terrific, and it was a pleasure to be work as the "expert analyst" alongside Al Roker, Brian Unger, Rutledge Wood, and the whole gang.

It's an honor to be part of what is sure to become a great annual event.

PS — If you missed the show, you can get it on iTunes.

Trebekistan on Millionaire

My Jeopardy! memoir on Millionaire: When Worlds Collide

Photo taken from a TV screen and emailed to me, much to my pleasant surprise:

Matter meets anti-matter!  It's a miracle we all survived.

But this makes it a twofer, since the mothership did this in 2009:

If the story collapses on itself much further, a black hole might form.  Best I move on now.