Meet the Next Vice President of the United States

My guess, anyway, if it’s worth anything. Assuming Hillary can’t hijack the nomination, McCain doesn’t suddenly grow some actual integrity, and Bush doesn’t have to be pried out of the White House with grease, two sixpacks, and a crowbar.

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Bill Richardson: current Governor of New Mexico, former Secretary of Energy, U.S. Congressman, head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., personally negotiated the release of Americans in Iraq and Sudan, adjunct professor at Harvard, nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Really unique bird. Beloved by the libertarian Cato Institute yet reliably liberal on numerous issues. Has a concealed carry permit and favors medical marijuana. Great sense of humor, too.  Not a perfect man, but he doesn’t often bomb people just because the voices in his head tell him to, so it’s a big step up from what we have.

Immediately delivers a swing state and improves Obama’s ability to attract hispanics, a key Democratic constituency Obama needs to grow.

Plus, he and Obama like and respect each other, and not in the clenched-teeth politically expedient way Bill Clinton and Al Gore did. There are decent-to-great cases for a dozen other potential veeps, but Obama/Richardson seems a decent guess from here.

Mike Irwin update

Sample ImageA quick update on my buddy Mike:

If all those Comedy Caravan gigs couldn’t kill him, bone cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

Home from the hospital. Still a long climb, but he’s on the path.

Chip in a few for the family if you get a chance.


Friday pudublogging: Special Guanacoblogging Edition

"You know the Guanaco?" Fernando asked on the phone.  "It is like a South American camel.  You will love the Guanaco."

Sure enough, another awesome Andean animal.  Good natured, lovely, generally friendly, a bit batty.  These females all came bouncing out curiously at the sound of Fernando’s truck.

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It was like being surrounded by a gaggle Red Hat Ladies, all of whom want to kiss you on the cheek at once.

You must love and support Fauna Andina, Fernando’s hideaway.  I insist on it.