Sarah Palin, Performance Artist

I’m not sure what’s most brilliant — the way Palin’s own babbling sounds a bit like the turkeys? The oddball way the guy keeps turning and checking her out over his bloody work? The genius of doing a chirpy TV interview framed as a two-shot with mundane slaughter? Add it all up, and it’s damn near performance art.

I suggested years ago that the GOP had secretly been taken over by brilliant dada artists.

By 2010, they’ll be nominating stoats dressed in ermine and wearing little crowns.

Informal poll: Obama in a planet-slide

Since I left in August, the subject of the U.S. elections has come up nearly every day, everywhere I’ve gone.  When people have found out I’m American, it has often been the first thing they’ve brought up.  I’ve tried to be the last one to express an opinion, since the point of travel is to learn what other people are thinking.

And after three months of conversations in more than a dozen countries on three continents, I’ve met exactly one non-Anerican who supported McCain.  One.

One taxi driver in Christchurch, NZ seemed as convinced of McCain’s righteousness and Obama’s impending evil reign as any Palin rally deadender might be.  One guy.  Please excuse the Tom Friedman-ness of citing a taxicab conversation of evidence of anything.  But that’s just who the one guy happened to be.

Everybody else I’ve met so far — everybody — in France, Hong Kong, the Emirates, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, wherever — has been neutral to pro-Obama.  The large majority were clearly hoping for an Obama win.