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Comments? Suggestions? Half-coherent rants? All of the above? Use the form at the bottom.  I’m often too busy to respond or even read everything now for weeks at a stretch. But give it a shot if you want.


For offers of actual employment, my literary agents are Marly Rusoff & Associates.


To book a live appearance, my speaking agent is Wolfman Productions.


For media interview requests, please email my publicist via the address <pr – at - m4pr - dot – com>. They can can also provide legit press with hi-res photos and that sort of good stuff.


If you’re looking for a loan: yes, I have chipped in $25 here and there to help fund loans via, but I do not lend money directly to strangers who email me, in any amount, ever.  Sorry.  Please visit your local microfinance institution and apply for a loan there.  I am not part of that process in any way.


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