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Colin Newell is the creator and editor of the CoffeeCrew Blog. He would be happy to chat about what is right or wrong with the function or presentation of the Bob Harris website.

Bob Harris and Colin have been working on this project since 2004 and we almost have it right.

Colin is the primary engineer, writer and media contact for the CoffeeCrew.Com website and Blog, online since 1996!

If you are a newspaper, radio or TV station or newspaper looking for a talking-head on the subject of pop and cafe culture, Colin might be the person you are looking for.

During the day Colin works at the University of Victoria keeping technology, like this, on its best behavior.

Colin’s work has been featured in the Globe & Mail, CTV News World Express, The Oprah Network, Shaw Cable Vancouver Island, The National Post, on CBC Radio, the Women’s Network (WTN) “The Shopping Bags”, CBC-TV’s “Steven and Chris” Show, on CNN-online and CBS TV’s award winning TV show: CSI Las Vegas (with Bob Harris).

The web experience should be a pleasant one – If something smells like it is burning, chances are I need to know about it!

Please do the right thing and contact Colin!

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