Actual praise for a TV anchor

Chuck Roberts on CNN Headline News, interviewing Ned Lamont, just apologized for these comments by saying this:

You know, I owe you an apology.  Last week, I led into an interview with a guest analyst and really botched the set-up.  The guest had wanted to discuss the Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman statements suggesting that terror groups — Al Qaeda types, to use Cheney’s words — would be buoyed by your win, but I posed it badly, stupidly ad-libbing about "some saying Lamont is the Al-Qaeda candidate."  No one, in fact, used that construction.  Anyway, I wanted to correct the record, and I’m glad we had this chance to do it.  Now, let’s get to the insinuations that were lobbed…

After which the guy gave Lamont the chance to rebut Cheney and Lieberman.

Same reservations I always have about news media.  But for once, somebody did the right thing.  Cheers.

PS — Just back from Florida where I had limited access to the Internet, air conditioning, and my own common sense.  This worked out surprisingly well.  More as I unpack.

Why I was cheering for Lamont

btw, I’d like to confirm that I was rooting for Lamont over Lieberman not because of the latter’s support for a war which has killed tens of thousands of innocents at a cost of hundreds of billions with the net effect of making us less safe while destroying our international reputation and destabilizing the entire mideast.

I mean, who in their right mind could oppose that?

No, precisely as the White House wants you to think, I was rooting against Lieberman only because I have a suicidal wish to die at the hands of fanatics, whose cause I may even secretly sympathize with, despite any liberal’s deep antipathy toward fundmentalism of every stripe.

In fact, 60% of the American people now have no interest in our security and are willing, nay, eager to die at the hands of terrorists.

So once again, the White House is making perfect sense.