Iran just killed us all in a horrible terrorist attack! AIEEE!


Funny.  Because August 22nd was supposed to be the day we all died.  Remember?

If you can’t remember as far back as last month — a prerequisite for believing a word the right wing says — look here and here and here and here and here and here:

A slightly more sane commentator explained that it was all rubbish at the time.  But you didn’t see him on CNN, I imagine.

Still, looking at the clock, depending on your time zone, there are still six to eleven hours left for America to be destroyed by a fanatic horde.  So I guess there’s something the apocalyptic right can still secretly hope for.

And if it seems outrageous to suggest that Bush loyalists and armchair militants could possibly prefer watching Americans die in large number to simply admitting an obvious mistake… witness Iraq.