Why the Not So Much Bloggity

Routine check-ups kinda stop getting routine after 40.  Four different health scares in one week.  (I am cursed with a thorough family doctor.)  Fortunately, my neck, groin, and spine are all just fine after all.

Man, am I lumpy.

If my blood looks OK, too, then I’m back to worrying about normal stuff.

Note to young readers: midlife is a lot like wearing old shoes.  Comfortable, familiar, easy, but with fraying laces and holes starting to wear.  You’re nowhere near throwing them out.  But it’s increasingly clear that they won’t last forever.

As things resume speed here, you’ll start seeing more links popping up in the travel section in the right column shortly.  I actually use that stack largely for my own convenience, really, for sites I want to be able to access easily from any cafe in the world.  And I might be posting pics from a few new places in that world in the coming weeks.  Excitement and whee.