Happy Ramadan — from Fuddruckers and Krispy Kreme

So I’m in the middle of another round-the-world trip, this time for ForbesTraveler.com, where I’m gonna be doing some writing for a while, plus taking notes for other possible projects along the way.

I’ve been wanting to update the blog since I left, since I’m seeing some pretty wild stuff, but frankly the days are crammed — work, fun, work, fun, work, fun, work, sleep, repeat. So far I’ve been bopping around England, France, Monaco, Andorra, and now the Emirates, and I’m not even a quarter done with the trip. It’s wonderful but exhausting, so I’ll have to post things retroactively as I find time.

For now: it’s Ramadan here, which means (a) a solid month of complete fasting during daylight hours (the devout can’t even have water, even in 105-degree heat; visitors like me are only to indulge only if we’re discreet), and (b) an inevitable marketing opportunity at least as major as the Christmas holiday season in the US.

So: a Happy Ramadan to one and all — from Fuddruckers and Krispy Kreme.

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PS — “Kareem” actually is closer to “generous” or “gracious,” but the phrase “Kareem Ramadan” is used more like the way we use “Happy Holidays,” so “Happy Ramadan” is a more common translation in this context.