Get These Motherf***ing Geese Off This Motherf***ing Plane

Using tracking data from and Google Maps, a Flickr user has plotted the exact course of the USAir flight that landed in the Hudson today.  (Click here or on the map for full size.)

Sample Image

This isn’t a commercial pilot. This isn’t just a regular hero. This is John McClane at the end of a Die Hard movie, pulling off a ludicrous, insanely impossible move that people in the real world wouldn’t even dream up, much less accomplish.

The audience in a test screening would never believe it.  They’d be looking for the CGI work and knowingly listening for the Wilhelm Screams in the soundtrack.

Wow.  Hats off. Unreal.

If the pilot is being interviewed, and Alan Rickman suddenly shows up trying to take one last shot before he finally dies… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PS — I was on an Avianca plane once that had serious mechanical problems shortly after takeoff from Bogotá.  (I never found out what they were.) The pilot banked that 737 around like it was a sprint car on a dirt track and got us back down in what was probably thirty minutes but felt like thirty years.

Not saying I know what it was like for these folks. But I do know that I have been (a) in some awe of pilots in general, and (b) a bit more white-knuckled about flying ever since.

We had to spend the night in Bogotá, so the airline gave everybody free round-trip tickets anywhere they fly, good for a year.  I know their safety record is actually pretty good, I actually loved Colombia and every place I visited in South America, and the free ticket could have gotten me all the way to Buenos Aires again. But somehow… I just never quite got around to using it.