Fun Factoids

This is just stuff I’ve found both (a) completely useless and
yet (b) oddly amusing.  I intend to add to this frequently, and you’ll see
a mention of new additions on both the main and blogs when I do.

Some of the below surfaced while studying, some of it I stumbled upon
at random, and some of it I’ve just heard over the years and found even
more amusing when it actually checked out.

However, as the book shows, I’ve been surprised over and over by things
that I thought were utterly pointless turned out to be terribly
important.  So maybe something here will change your life someday, in
completely wondrous and unforeseen ways.

But probably not.

Scientists have found that dying stars pulse at an audible frequency — F above middle C, to be exact — just before exploding into supernovae.  Coincidentally, Jeopardy! p-TING noise when the Final Jeopardy is revealed is two F notes, an octave apart.  The first tone is F above middle C.

The residents of La Gomera in the Canary Islands speak a sophisticated language communicated entirely by whistling.

While attending Radcliffe, former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was nicknamed "Pinky."

Not a single member of the American Mensa Hall of Fame was ever an actual member of Mensa.