Trebekistan FAQ

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These are the questions I hear most often (or, toward the bottom, I anticipate hearing most often), in roughly the order I usually hear them in.  So, to save us all a little time:

I think I figured out who the Jane/David/Danny/etc. character is, and it’s someone I’ve heard of from TV.  Am I right?


For the record, "Jane" is Jayne Mansfield, "David" is David Rockefeller, and "Danny" is Danny Gans, Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year every year since the invention of the billboard, apparently.

And I am lying through my teeth right there.  If your guesses seem more reasonable, then they probably are.  Rest assured, yes, if you think you know one of the characters from TV, then you probably do.

What kind of a car is Max?

Can’t tell you, because I still drive him, and I value my privacy, believe it or not.  But people apparently imagine him most frequently as a 1960s VW bug, the kind that sounds like a small aircraft taking off when it struggles to get on the interstate.  That’s close enough for me.