In Dubai, “pork” is just one letter different from “porn”

I've got 100s of travel pics I've never posted, and it's about time I start… in the back of a Dubai grocery, here's the dark, shameful, forbidden pork booth.

On the other side of this secreted nook, porcivorous heathens creep around in the darkness, lusting after taboo bits of flesh, while the righteous avert their eyes.

Change just one letter, and it's oddly like the back of magazine shops before the internet.

(Btw, the red-white-and-blue color scheme made it feel weirdly like an Arabian Kroger.)

Our Kiva team passes $65,000 for December!

Friends of Bob Harris, the team I'm honored to "captain" (which means mostly just cheer while everybody else does cool stuff) at, just blew past the $65,000 mark for December — and over $100,000 total in the last two months of 2010.

[singlepic id=12 w=320 h=240 float=right] That money is lent — not donated — to doctors, clinics, farmers, and thousands of other deserving small enterprises in more than 50 developing countries worldwide.

This means that the 267 members (and counting) of our team get paid back about 99 percent of the time, then have the opportunity to reinvest, over and over again, while helping build economies all over the world.

It's a kick and an honor to be a part of this, and I'm loving the work of writing this book.

Three thoughts on having one’s junk touched

Thought One: How long until we learn that sex addicts are signing up to work for the TSA, since frankly if you’re into latex and frequent junk-touching, it’s now the greatest job ever?

Thought Two: Since new research indicates the RapiScan see-you-naked porno scanners they’re now using are about as likely to kill you as being hijacked by a terrorist, does that not mean there is no conceivable public safety rationale for using them?  Other than fun for the new recruits, obviously.

Thought Three: It seems clear that this discussion is the moment when the word “junk” solidified its rightful place in the national dialogue. Historians take note.

Congrats to Jonathon Stalls on his 3000-mile Kiva Walk!

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to join Jonathon Stalls for the last two days of his cross-country walk to raise awareness and funds for

Crossing the Golden Gate on a perfect morning

On Friday, I and the other taggers-along marched with him from the Golden Gate Bridge to Kiva’s office downtown, and on Saturday, a merry band of about 50 people did the Bay-to-Breakers walk to the Pacific, followed by a lap around the Presidio to reach a celebratory reception.

The Kiva baby at left is really the best looking one here

After just 20 miles total, two-thirds of one percent of Jonathon’s walk, my feet didn’t want to move for about three days. Not sure how Jonathon managed for eight solid months, but there it is, with over $400,000 raised to show for it.

Jonathon and his trusty sidekick finally reach the ocean

Congrats to Jonathon and everyone who supported his walk along the way! It was an honor to be there at the grand finale.

Jonathon, me, and Chelsa from